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Cookie and privacy policy moshi moshi mind

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file, which is stored on the computer, or other devices, to recognize past or future use. Our cookies do not contain any personal data. A cookie cannot contain a virus. 

The user can delete or block cookies by clicking the following:

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome



Flash Cookies (all browsers)

Delete cookies on an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch


Windows 7 telephones


The purposes of cookies on our website are:

  • To ensure the technical functionality, while cookies are able to store the users settings
  • User analysis to analyze how many users moshi moshi mind have, and where these users come from


The website uses cookies from the third parties, which have access to the aforementioned cookies. The third party cookie is:


  • Google Analytics


Google Analytics is used to carry out statistics of visitors, such as how many users have visited our website, which type of technology do they use, e.g. Mac or Windows, how long they have visited the website for, which pages they have visited etc. This helps us to better our website, and create better user experiences for our visitors. These so-called “analytic” programs can also tell us, how users reached our website, e.g. from a search engine.


The user can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here


Furthermore, we make use of Facebook Pixel to measure conversions that comes from our payed ads on Facebook. Our cookies register, whether the user has logged in to the shop.


Ad networks

  • This website does not make use of ad networks at the moment


Private policy


moshi moshi mind shares information about fashion, lifestyle and health, and sells clothing and accessories under the brand moshi moshi mind. The company respects the privacy of all visitors, on the website, and ensures that all personal data, which the user may make accessible, will be treated with confidentiality. moshi moshi mind conveys no personal data to a third party, and only make use of data, when the user has placed an online order on our webshop, or if the user has won a competition. Our employees and third parties, employed by us, must treat the user’s data with confidentiality. 


The following data security policy has the purpose of giving the user the necessary details.


  1. Name and address of the data controller


The responsible data controller can be contacted at any given time with questions about our personal data policy at:


moshi moshi mind

Dag Hammerskjolds Allé 40

2100 København Ø


  1. Collecting, processing of data and the use of data


When a user make use the moshi moshi mind website by e.g. filling out a contact formula, we will collect data about the user.


2.1  Personal data


Personal data means all forms of information that concerns a person that, in this case, becomes the data subject. Personal data concerns information that can be used to describe or conclude anything concerning the user’s identity, such as, name, phone number, address or e-mail address.


Statistical data which e.g. is collected, when a user visits the website, and does not concern the user as a person, is not included in the definition of personal data.


2.2  Use of information


If the user only use the moshi moshi mind website to search for information, we will not save any data about the user, unless this information makes it possible for the user to visit our website. This pertains to:


  • IP-address
  • Date and time of the user’s search
  • Time difference to GMT
  • The pages that the user have visited
  • Access status/https password
  • Transmitting data volume
  • The website from which the search has been made
  • Language and language versioning of the browser


The user’s IP-address is deleted or made anonymous after the session ends. In the case of the anonymizing process, the IP-address is modified in such a way that information concerning personal or material propositions can no longer be returned to an identifiable or identified natural person, and in case that it is possible, it will only be returned if it takes a disproportional amount of time, economy and a large effort. We analyze data in a so-called log file, in an anonymized form, to improve moshi moshi mind’s online offers, and to make it more user friendly, and to make sure that we find and improve errors fast on the website. They will also be used to secure that the capacity of the website is in its place, and that the right amount of data is accessible on the website.


2.3  Contact formula and other interactions


Besides, the offers of information by the website, there are different methods to how the user can interact with us on the website. These includes contact us, subscribing to our newsletter and competitions. To make use of these activities, the user must give up personal data, which moshi moshi mind will use to deliver the aforementioned services. These data will be saved by moshi moshi mind. We only use the aforementioned data for the precise purpose, and in compliance with our principles of data protection.


2.4  Retention period of personal data


We only obtain and use the user’s personal data in the time period that is relevant for the purpose to which they were collected. Personal data, which are subject to a legal withholding period, are deleted, when this period ends. Other personal data will be deleted, as soon as it is no longer relevant for its purpose, or to secure, exercise and defend legal allegations.


2.5  Newsletters


We offer the user to subscribe to a free newsletter. We make use of Mailchimp, a service offered by The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 512 Midler Street, Ste 404 Atlanta, GA 30318, to send out newsletters. If the user decides to sign up to the newsletter, we obtain the user’s name and the user’s e-mail address until the user unsubscribes from the newsletter. Furthermore, we obtain the user’s IP-address, and the time for registration to ensure ourselves against misuse of the user’s personal data. The user’s e-mail address is the only information that we use to send out the newsletter to the user. All other information is voluntary. The user can retract the user’s consent of receiving the newsletter at any given time. This can be done through Mailchimp, or by sending an e-mail to, or by contacting moshi moshi mind. Information that the user gives moshi moshi mind, will not be shared with a third party, and the user’s data is deleted, when the user retract their consent.


2.6  Transfer of data to third party


Data collected by moshi moshi mind will only be transferred to a third party, if it is necessary for the completion of a contract or a payment, or if the user has given consent to this beforehand. The companies that provide services for us, can only use data to complete their assignments. The suppliers are carefully selected by moshi moshi mind to complete the task, and have received written instructions hereabout. They are committed to following moshi moshi mind’s instructions, and their work are supervised by moshi moshi mind. It is illegal to use the information to any other purpose, and none of the suppliers have chosen to do so.


  1. Cookies


Cookies are small files that are saved, and surround the specific data processing machine that is made use of, and those settings and data, which are necessary for the exchange of information with moshi moshi mind’s system via the user’s browser. Cookies cannot perform any programs, or transfer viruses to the user’s computer. They are used to make the user’s overall online offers more user friendly and effective.


There are two different forms of cookies that moshi moshi mind make use of:


Session cookies, which are deleted, when the user close down the browser, i.e. at the end of a session.


Temporary/permanent cookies, which are saved for a longer period or permanent on the user’s data processing device. Storage of these cookies helps moshi moshi mind design our website, and make it easier for the user to navigate it. For example, by saving specific inputs, so that the user does not have to re-enter them again.


The user can delete the cookies in the browser’s security settings at any given time, and the user can adapt the user’s browser settings in compliance with the user’s wishes. The help function, in the menu on the user’s browser, will usually show the user, how to reject new cookies and delete old cookies. If the user chooses to do this, moshi moshi mind cannot guarantee that the user can make use of the offers on


3.1  Cookies that make use of


Most of the cookies that moshi moshi mind make use of are sessions cookies, which are deleted automatically from the user’s hard drive by closing down the browser session. Furthermore, we make use of cookies that stays on the user’s hard drive. When the user visits again, we automatically recognize that the user has visited the website earlier, and what preferences the user have, according to the information that was collected on the website.


Those cookies that make use of cannot be ascribed to a specific data person, and, therefore, not for the individual user. When a cookie is activated, it is assigned to an activation number. It is, therefore, not possible to ascribe the user’s personal data to this number, at any given time, and there will not be made any attempt to do so. moshi moshi mind does not safe the user’s name, or other similar information that makes it possible to ascribe the cookie to the user’s data person.


3.2  Website analysis with Google Analytics


Our website uses Google Analytics, a website analytical service, provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (‘Google’). Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze websites, and through these analysis Google Analytics find better ways to understand user behavior on websites. The information, which is generated via these cookies, are transferred to a Google server in the USA, and stored there. The user’s IP-address is shortened, before the analysis of user behavior is carried out, so that no conclusions can be drawn about the user’s identity. For this purpose, Google Analytics ‘anonymizes’ the code to ensure the anonymizing collecting process of IP-addresses.


Google will use information collected via cookies to analyze the user’s use of the website, collect rapports about website activities on behalf of the website’s owner, and to, furthermore, provide services associated with websites and the Internet.


As described above, it is possible for the user to configure the user’s browser, in such a way that it rejects cookies. The user can choose to hinder that Google collects and uses data that are collected via cookies in relation to the use of this website, by downloading and installing a browser plug-in.


The user can find more information about Google and data privacy here


  1. Data rights


4.1  The right to information

The user can, at any given time, ask about information concerning the data that must be saved about the user, about the purpose of data treatment, categories of personal data that are treated, receivers or groups of receivers for whom personal data are or will be passed on to, and, if possible, the planned duration for conservation of personal data, or, if not possible, the criteria used to define this period.


The user can always contact the responsible data controller, or any employee of moshi moshi mind, to make use of the right kind of information.


4.2  The right to correct, delete and restrictions for treatment of data


The user has the right to ask, at any given time, about immediate corrections of the user’s personal data.


Furthermore, the user can ask to get his/her personal data deleted, if the data is no longer necessary for the purpose that it was collected for, if the user wishes to withdraw his/her consent of the treatment, and that there is no legal cause for treatment of data, if the user wishes to objects against payment, and that there is no overshadowing sound cause, or if the user wishes to decline moshi moshi mind the use of data for direct marketing, when personal data is treated illegally, or when the deletion is legally binding to us.


Furthermore, the user can ask about restrictions to the treatment of the user’s personal data, if the user does not agree with the correction of his/her personal data, for as long as it takes moshi moshi mind to check the correctness of the data, if the treatment is illegal, but the user declines to delete instead of limit the use, if moshi moshi mind no longer needs the user’s personal data, but that the user needs the data to evaluate, exercise or defend legal requirements, or if the user has any objection towards the treatment, but it is not yet agreed upon justified requirements about our website upholds the user’s requirements.


The user can always contact the responsible data controller at moshi moshi mind, or any employee of moshi moshi mind, to make use of the aforementioned rights.


4.3  The right to object


The user can at any given time object against the treatment of his/her personal data due to the specific situation, if the treatment is necessary for presentation of an assignment, completed in the public’s interest, or subject to execution of the public empowered authority, or if the treatment is performed according to our legitimate rights, or those of a third party, or the user’s basal rights or basal freedom in terms of data protection does not have a priority.  


The right to object also exists, when moshi moshi mind uses personal data for direct marketing, which also deals with the profiling associated with direct marketing. The user’s personal data will no longer be used for direct marketing after objection.  


The user can always contact the responsible data controller, or any employee of moshi moshi mind, to make use of the right to objection.


4.4  The right to retract content


The user can at any given time retract his/her consent to treatment of the user’s personal data without it having an effect on the legitimacy of the treatment based on the user’s consent until the retracement.


The user can always contact the responsible data controller, or any employee of moshi moshi mind, to make use of his/her right to retract. 


  1. Social plug-ins


5.1  Facebook is a social network run by Facebook Ireland Limited (Hanover Reach 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland). Facebook functions can be recognized by the Facebook logo. Depending on the function, there can occur further information i.e. ‘Share’, ‘Like’). When a moshi moshi mind page consists of a Facebook button, the user’s browser or application establish a direct connection to Facebook’s servers, and the button for the specific function is loaded from there. By doing so, the information, which the respective moshi moshi mind page har gained acces to, will be transmitted to Facebook.


An exception hereto, is when the user visits the page, where moshi moshi mind uses a Facebook-plugin with the purpose of showing moshi moshi mind’s latest activity on Facebook on In this case, the user’s browser or application establishes a direct connection with Facebook’s servers.


If the user is logged on to Facebook, at the same time, it is possible that the visited page can be allocated to the user’s profile on Facebook. If the user clicks on integrated Facebook buttons to, thereafter, log on to Facebook (or if the user has already logged in), the information that was either ‘liked’ or ‘recommended’ could be published on the user’s Facebook profile, and on the user’s timeline in a shortened edition. Facebook can, hereto, collect and safe further user data, if usable. It is, therefore, possible for Facebook’s user profiles to create more than what the user publishes on Facebook.


moshi moshi mind can at no time find out what Facebook buttons the user has made use of and when. Instead, Facebook receives a summed up, impersonal statistic about the use of moshi moshi mind’s fan page on Facebook, and summed up statistics about the use of Facebook buttons.


The user can learn about what data Facebook collects for its own purpose in Facebook’s own data policy, where the user can find further information about data collection and data treatment by Facebook, and about the user’s rights in this connection. Facebook’s data policy can be found here:


  1. Google Maps

This website uses the Google Maps service, run by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheathre Pathway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (‘Google’). This service is used, especially, by moshi moshi mind with the purpose of delivering the integrated ‘find stores’ service. To integrate and show Google’s map material in the user’s browser, the user’s web browser must establish a connection to a Google server, which can be placed in the USA, when it gains access to a contact page. This gives Google the information that the contact page was accessed by on the device of the user’s IP-address. The user can find further information in Googles service terms and conditions.


  1. Data security

moshi moshi mind guarantees the latest technical, advanced precautions to secure data security, and, especially with the purpose of securing the user’s personal data against the risk during data transfers, and against access of a third party. These are adapted constantly to reflect the highest level of data security.


  1. Legal foundation of data collection


The legal basis hereto is article 2, section 1, page 1 of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In addition, moshi moshi mind treats data with the user’s explicit consent in accordance with article 6, section 1, page 1 lit. of GDPR, and to accommodate our contact-related obligations to the user, or to exercise pre-contractual measures as to answer the user’s inquiries according to section 6, page 1 lot of GDPR.


Link to GDPR:

  1. Changes to the data privacy policy


This data privacy policy was issued in May 2018. moshi moshi mind can occasionally choose to update this, and when this happens, it will be communicated through this website.


Denmark, May 2018



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