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Summer greeting

Dear woman.

moshi moshi mind has been part of the future for a long time. Sometimes it occurs to you that you can look forward by looking to the past. We've revisited our past and share from the values, that from the beginning, transformed moshi moshi mind to a unique brand. And as time went, we discovered, a brand that has been constantly ahead of its time. 

In a time where more and more brands as well as large parts of the international fashion industry, are in a showdown with the established way of running seasonal collections. Collections with pace and the idea of styles that are "in" one day and "out" the next. We've chosen to share from our experience from our brand, that from the beginning, has lived by the values, that other brands strive for today. 

We've know for a while, that a big change is coming, and moshi moshi mind has been ahead of time. In 2006 we decided to pursue the gut feeling that there was an alternative way to the fast pace and to the ways of fashion, that only strive for one thing. We feel passionately in what we do. First and foremost to create long lasting designs, that you can wear al day, from soft sports to after work wear to resort wear and for dinner. We've succeeded with our mission, and in the process we've created our own system, where products don't age, just based on a new season. We believe in our design. 

We're proud to see how moshi moshi mind has evolved into being a universe of lifestyle products - and continuously with the fundamental conviction, that every product needs to be independant of trends and keep being relevant. Vi don't want to create something, that'll be irrelevant by the end of the month. We put a lot of time and care in our designs and we design to create something, that keeps on being relevant and a right to be. And of course to give women a way to treat themselves with softness and care in a world that ask a lot from us. This is our core values. 

The industry is luckily changing. We experience, that so many other brands strive to live by the values, that moshi moshi mind has had as a core since the very start. And it's liberating! One of the hardest parts of our journey was the concept of the no season idea and producing in a lower quantity, now one of the first things people ask for.

We have brave end users and customers, that have dared more than the rest. We're proud to walk beside you.

The most important, is that we do, what everybody knows to be right. To act and treat the world right, both in our everyday and in the our business endeavours. To think in a bigger picture, seek new ways in production, and give women a new way to experience themselves as free, responsible and supportive. We believe in that we seek more distance in the future but new ways to connect with each other.

We look forward to the future and are proud of the way, we've been walking for years - and we're even more proud to walk beside you.

Best summer wishes!  

Rikke & Stine

moshi moshi mind - Sommerhilsen


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