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Vacay ahead

Vacay ahead

Pack light and simple. We have a lot of experience in packing the suitcase, with the best styles, light kaftans and dresses. Perfect for wearing day and night on most vacations. Often these necessities are all you need. View our favourite selections under VACAY VIBES.

moshi moshi mind - Vacay ahead


Use your swimsuit with a long skirt or a pair of shorts 

dotted bella swimsuit

dotted bella swimsuit

dotted bella swimsuit

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Meet the new Paris stripes

Meet the new Paris stripes

Stripes are always a part of our collection - the beauty of the classic lines, never cease to fascinate, and this year, we introduce the Paris Stripes. A new print, wherein a dark blue is accompanied with a red on a clear white background. The long elegant kaftan, is one of this summers favourites. It can be worn as an elegant evening dress or as chick beach wear. The skirt, however you wear it, rests beautifully on the hips, or can be worn, for a tighter fit, on the waist, while the beautiful Shadow Quilt Jacket keeps you warm on a chilling night. It’s soft and the stripes play in an uncomplicated way, exactly how we like it.


Meet the new Paris stripes


Wear our beautiful Paris Stripes with the seasons flowrprint.

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be kind to yourself

Winter is in full swing and when darkness descends, to just keep going seems to take
more effort. Perhaps a whole day spent in pyjamas would make all the difference f
or you (as for us!) but all you really need is to embrace the moment, soft clothing,
a nice cup of tea and time.


Remember to moisturise and nourish your skin during the cold season;
try our body scrub, which leaves your skin thoroughly hydrated and soft. 
Make skin-care something special with our fabulous fragrance oil, then get warm and comfortable
in your pyjamas and enjoy some deep breathing.

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At the moment, many of us are thinking about how we can devote more energy and resources to things that really matter and how to make smarter choices. We invest our time, care and energy in things that genuinely matter to us, activities that makes us happier and items that last longer.  That is precisely why we love to use Cashmere for our designs – it is nature’s softest fibre and the most exclusive, there is simply nothing quite like Cashmere for warmth and comfort. 


See our new cashmere styles here and wear them all day long.


moshi moshi mind

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dotted mind towel

  • 7 November - 2018
  • body

Stay Soft – it looks beautiful on you

With inspiration from Hammam towels, we have designed a new version of our very simple,
striped towel only this time it has our delightful iconic dots. Use it instead of the classic
terry towels and revel in a totally different kind of lush softness as you step out of the shower.

GBP 54.00  See it here or experience it in the moshi moshi mind store

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Sleep is the best meditation

  • 23 October - 2018
  • mind

Sleep is like an “offline” boost for our body and brain and essential for our well-being

as it strengthens our immune system.

In life, we need both light and darkness, but while sleeping even the slightest light

can affect our sleep in a negative way. 

While we are sleeping, the body's tissues are rebuilt, the immune system strengthened,

the brain is cleansed, stress hormones disappear, our appetite is regulated and the brain

releases melatonin. 

With all this in mind, it is easy to understand that deep, un-disturbed sleep is an essential

part of our lives.

Our dotted eye mask will work wonders for you, use it when you meditate, travel,

sleep in places with too much light, or whenever you need a short break.

moshi moshi mind counting dots mask

Sleep is the best meditation.

Be good to yourself. Sleep tight. 

moshi moshi mind 

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“It is a question of care”

How a Danish apparel brand sets out to change an industry

While everybody else in fashion is looking for the latest trend, the next colour, and trying to make consumers buy more, Danish after work wear brand moshi moshi mind wants to see us choose carefully and not follow trends.

moshi moshi mind entered the UK market in August this year, opening one flagship store in Notting Hill, a web shop and simultaneously challenging the way an industry thinks of itself.


Smart fashion – not fast fashion

moshi moshi mind is as far from fast fashion as one can possibly get. The brand does not even think in collections, but produces only what the two founders, Rikke Rasmussen and Stine Skjoldborg, have a feeling is needed – not only for the brand but also for women to feel comfortable in. There has never been a “sale” sign in any of the brand’s shops across Denmark in the ten years the brand has existed, nor do they participate in shopping rushes, such as Black Friday.

“We want to make consumers stop and think. To buy items they can use for many occasions, to feel like themselves in, and to be undeterred by trends and fast-moving fashion. We want to be mindful in everything we do, and we don’t actually see ourselves as a fashion brand either. We are a lifestyle brand, and a brand that you can choose to buy into for a simpler lifestyle,” says Rikke Rasmussen.

Step back a little

moshi moshi mind’s items are produced with partners around the world that the two founders know and have worked with for many years. Each style is carefully designed to suit multiple purposes, from yoga, to after work wear, to going out, and to sum it up, the brand calls its designs “products for a mellow modern lifestyle.” ”We don’t need anything to move even faster anymore,” says Stine Skjoldborg. “We need to step back a little and view the world and the items we surround ourselves with, with care and attention. To be mindful of what’s happening around the globe, and to simplify things. We don’t need sales, discounts and rushes to buy things; instead, we want to invite our customers to choose with care.”

moshi moshi mind has made a success of the new approach and continues to develop the brand event further. A winter coat has just been launched, produced from plastic waste picked out of the ocean, as well as two bags made of the same material. Designs are created in the spirit that getting dressed should, in essence, feel like a soft hug, and in the knowledge that dressing to feel comfortable for all occasions is to show yourself care. Along with these principles, the brand keeps reminding us to be ourselves, to listen to our heart and to be mindful in everything we do.


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